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Text for Page 129 [11-24-1860]

	Nicholas and Sally.
fice, to that where Oliver Hillard is employed 
to Haney�s and the Courier.      Smith told me
that Abrahams returns to England to-day, on
a visit.        Up-town.  Phillips called.  Haney came at 6, sup-
ped with me and, at about 9, we went to 745,
finding the girls there and Nichols � he of the
bouquet.    Seated at the circular table, not
far from Sally, with Matt on the other side of
him, he looked handsome, being a tall, dark-
curly-haired man of over thirty, with an acquiline
nose, but however too small a head.     We cut into
conversation merrily and thereby, I think, relieved
Nichols who was approaching the awful pause of
used-upedness as to topics.            After I had talked
awhile with Sally and discursively to Matty (who
has been in the kindest of humors since our little
Sunday night�s explanation) Sally went off to the
sofa, whither Nichols presently followed her.    Mean
time Haney went up-stairs to Mrs Edwards and
anon returned, Eliza sang at the piano, Anne plied
her needle and I talked with on and the other,
principally Eliza.     Presently we had a dance,
the Lancers, I dancing with Sally.       A merryish
evening altogether.      Nichols left at 11; he lives
at Newark; Haney and I half an hour later.
A deathly-cold night, with a fierce wind blowing.
  25.  Sunday.  Not up till late, having slept               
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