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Text for Page 131 [11-25-1860]

	A damnable Letter.
his children being in the room.        In consenting
to future arrangements, while re-iterating her
satisfaction at being relieved of connubial res-
ponsibilities, she says she might hope for
more privileges were Miss Brown �an ordinary
sister, but as she is mother, sister, wife &c�
� out upon the wicked woman�s foul heard and
imagination!      With a good deal of cleverly
written news about the children�s doings, prayers
and prattlings, and the request that as Damo-
reau and she �are no longer husband and 
wife,� they may be but �Beatrice and Charles in
future,� the letter concludes.         She thanks him,
emphatically, by the bye, for the money, but wish-
es it was not required by the childrens� sickness and necessi-
ties to which it is devoted.                     Out with
Damoreau, to 16th street, then with Haney
to the Central Park.     A very cold, windy
day, but sunny and exhilarating.    We walked
the distance, rambled hither and thither and
returned by car, Damoreau getting out to dine
with Haney.    In doors all the afternoon, to
Chapin�s in the evening.   Anne and her admirer
King were in the family pew, I sat in another.
To the house subsequently. Parton had been there for three or four hours in the evening. Mr and Mrs E.,
Mrs George, Jack and Sally in the basement Haney and the
two other girls up-stairs, with Anne and King,               
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