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Text for Page 132 [11-25-1860]

	Sally in Doubt.
Anne being in Jack�s words �too much of a
snob to bring her aristocratic beau into the
basement.�       I talked with Sally, principal-
ly about last night, but her confidences were
a good deal cut up by Jack who occasionally
made a conversational descent upon us, a little
to Sally�s displeasure.             The girl will none
of Nichols � he won�t do � not enough in him.
She suspects that Haney�s estimate of her char-
acter is changing, has changed � perhaps that
he may renew his suit and then � what shall
she do?   She asked me whether Love
without Respect or Respect without Love were
the better bargain, adding that in the latter case
Love might come after?     I said �Sally! for
Christ�s sake marry no man unless you do
love him.�       This girl�s future troubles me:
I would cut off an arm to secure her happiness,
to see her dearly-loved, understood and mar-
ried.       I crossed the bitter bleak square to-
night which, last August, on our return from
the visit to the Great Eastern, we passed
through in all its rich leafy glory � I walked
swiftly through it in a half-agony and I
prayed to God for her.    Oh God! why is
there misery in this world! and why should
it come upon girls whom to know is to be               
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