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Text for Page 133 [11-25-1860]

	One of Damoreau�s old Flames.
touched to the sail in behalf of.
  26.  Monday.   Wrote to Atwood in answer to
a letter received on Saturday and finished the story
that I have boggled over during the last fortnight.
To Harper�s with the latter, saw Nordhoff.      To
�Courier� Office, then up-town, meeting Banks in the
park.          Writing all the afternoon, ill, diarrheaish
depressed and cold, the day clouding over with
a promise of snow, which it did not perform.
Wrote a letter to Mary Anne &c.      Was about
turning out in the evening to visit Bartow�s or
Damoreau when the latter arrived, to my relief
and satisfaction.       He stayed till near midnight,
drinking and conversing.         Talking about the
incidents of nine years ago, he mentioned that
subsequent to the break-off between himself and
Lotty, when he was in Boston, he wrote a letter
to the girl whose �seduction� at Dobson�s in Canal
Street, had caused his rejection by Annie Ward,
proposing that she should join him and hinting
the poss probability of marriage.    She refused in
a spirited manner which he rather admired.
He says she was handsome; I remember Dobson
described her as something of a trollop, saying
that she would come down stairs without stockings,
with slippers down at heel.        Her family was a
shifty lot, didn�t pay up regularly, hence probab-               
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