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Text for Page 134 [11-26-1860]

	At Laura Keene�s Theatre.
ly Dob�s animadversions.            Harriet Mason,
Charley�s next flame, or rather the revival of
an old one, is now married to a clergyman.
Her brother Dick Mason smashed that affair,
saying he had rather his sister were dead in
her coffin than see her as Charley�s wife.  Emma
Brown thinks Harriet would have been the right
wife for Charley.              Talking of Alf Waud,
Damoreau suggests that his behavior to me,
the counterpart of his own experience of Alf, re-
sults from the same course, our knowledge of the
circumstances of his domestic relations.    This, in
conjunction with Sol Eytinge�s companionship would
readily explain it.            Probably Alf is shy of
or hates all who know these antecedents; I who
know most necessarily come in for my turn.
  27.  Tuesday.   A dull, wet day.   Writing,
overhauling writing and drawing, unwell and
low-spirited, though not to an overwhelming de-
gree, nevertheless I was glad enough to see Damo-
reau in the evening.    To Laura Keene�s theatre
together, seeing a spectacular burlesque of the ab-
surdest sort.      The house was crowded and we
stood during the two acts, at the third I was
recko recognized by Welden and beckoned to a
seat between him and Smith, of the Times.   Frank
Leslie was among the audience.         With Damo-               
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