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Text for Page 136 [11-29-1860]

              A Day with the Edwardses.
  29.  Thursday.   A mild, sunny day, fit
for a holiday.   At 10 � to 745, found Sally
in the basement, when she took me to the rear
of the house to exhibit a tasty and handsome
bouquet, received that morning; of course sent
by Nichols.          Sally was dressed for walking
and presently her sisters appeared and anon
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards.        Jack went on ahead
with Matty and Eliza, and, after an interval
of sunny waiting at the open street-door, looking
into Broadway, Mr. and Mrs. E. joined Sally
and myself.     We took the 6th Avenue cars to
the Central Park, where we rejoined the others,
with Haney who had come up from down-town.
An hour and a half�s ramble in the Park,
walking mostly with Sally, sometimes with the
rest.       Talk about Nast.     Return to town and
a home-like turkey-dinner which I should have
enjoyed enormously, if I hadn�t felt out of sorts,
bodily.      After dinner, the girls went up-stairs,
Mr. and Mrs E. dozed in their chairs and I
did the same.     Awakening uneasily, with a moody
fit on me, and a consciousness of the cosiness
of the room, the tramp of feet in Broadway
without, my own boarding-house attic awaiting
me, after this bit of home-heaven, of my own
condition, I went up-stairs, found Haney and               
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