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Text for Page 137 [11-29-1860]

	    Still out of sorts
John dozing in the show-room and returned.
Presently Sally appeared and Haney.      It was
the firelight hour, the gloaming; I left the twain
sitting together on the sofa in the dusk, slipped
out into the streets and went to Blakeman�s.
His house was fragrant of turkey and he at din-
ner.    I sat drearily, looking into his little rear-
garden, remembering its summer aspect, un-
til the good doctor came, listened to and prescri-
bed for me � assafoetida-pills and something in
the iron and gentian way.      Returning, I found Ha-
ney, Eliza and Matty on the door-step, looking 
out for me.    I felt so morbid and desolate that
it touched me to the quick that they should be doing
it.      Down-stairs to supper, talk and cards after,
playing whist, vingt-un &c.      Enter Nichols,
Crockett and young Polhemus.   General vingt-un,
I keeping bank; a good deal of mirthful cheating.
Mr. and Mrs. George Edwards appeared, and much
later Anne, who had been spending her holiday
with the Kings.      Dancing and singing predomi-
nant till past midnight, of which I only partook
at the earlier part, for I had a burning head-
ache, my limbs burnt and ached horribly and I
was generally out of sorts.     Sally was especially
sought by Nichols as a partner and rattled
away with him at a great rate.      Crockett, a               
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