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Text for Page 138 [11-29-1860]

	An Informal Rehearsal.
good-looking fellow appeared in minor demand.
He is known to be engaged; the girls seemed to
find this out indistinctively.           We had a great
deal of tumultuous chorussing and nigger-singing
towards the break-up which I thought would never
come, being sick and tired.
  30.  Friday.   Abed till 10 or later.   Up, out
awhile, return.  Writing � a new version of �Dixie�s
Land� for Eliza.    A dull wet day.      In the evening
to Haney�s; not finding him in, walked down Broad-
way to within a block of 745, when I met Nichols
and Crockett who had just called there and ascer-
tained that Haney and John had left for the for-
mer�s residence.    So we three went to it, finding
them with Welles and Hayes, when we had an
informal rehearsal of our Christmas burlesque.
Damoreau came, having learnt whither in my
room.             Ale, whist gin and water and sin-
ging subsequently; breaking up about 11, Jack
Damoreau and I going down the 5th avenue
together.      Out of sorts and dull enough.

  1.  Saturday.     Ill again.    Down town to Har-
pers, saw Bonner.      �This is a magnificent
story, Mr Gunn, but frightfully immoral, we               
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