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Text for Page 139 [12-01-1860]

	I try the �Evening Post.�
daren�t publish it.�  �How immoral?�  �It incul-
cates suicide; is the strongest argument for and jus-
tification of it ever written � the man�s right �
it�s the only thing for him to do � you have cover-
ed the whole ground.  &c. &c. � we should have
twenty clergymen writing to condemn us � send it
to Dickens � no doubt he�ll publish it.�        Bonner
actually asserted that he had no doubt such a story
would produce suicide!       I went away, to the
Post office, then to that of the �Evening Post,� having
heard from Wilbour, whom I met, going down
Broadway, that an employe� had left this paper
for California.       (An evening paper doesn�t neces-
sitate night-work.)        Saw Maverick.         Out again,
hither and thither, with a sick headache, aching
limbs and indigestion.    To Haney�s awhile, saw
him, to the �Post� again.        Saw Bigelow, tal-
ked awhile, took my address.       Up Broadway;
was accosted by Gibbons who wants to dispose of
the Century at almost any price, as he has to go
west to some rail-road employ.      Went to the Coop-
er Institute, wrote a note to Mc Elrath.          Returned
to dinner, ill, laid down during the afternoon.
Haney didn�t come to supper as expected.      To 745
by 8 �.    The girls, Anne and Mr Edwards there.
Left before 10.
  2.  Sunday.   Damoreau came by 10.    Out to-               
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