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Text for Page 140 [12-02-1860]

           Sixteen Children and a Second Wife.
gether, to find Rondel�s residence which we
didn�t accomplish, then up Broadway (meeting
one Weed, a friend of Charley�s) to 16th
street; an hour at Haney�s, then returned to
dinner.   Charley left me at about 3 �.   Writing
a little.    In the evening to church, finding Mr
and Mrs Edwards in the family pew; went home
with them subsequently, finding Haney, Jack and
the girls there, Anne also.         Stayed till the usual
hour.    A little confidence of Sally�s anent Tommy
of which more anon.
  3.  Monday.   To the Cooper Institute and after
waiting awhile, saw McElrath, who proposed seeing
Gibbons to-day.    Return, did a drawing on wood
and wrote a short article, took them to the Vanity
Fair office by 4, meeting Billington by the way.
  He told me he was attending medical lectures, having
nothing else to do.   Return.     Damoreau came in
the evening.      Talking incidentally he mentioned that
his father, a dealer in straw bonnets, after the
death of his first wife, by whom he had sixteen
children (the majority dead, now) married again
with his servant-girl, dying two years subsequent.
Charley stayed till 11, and we went out for stews
  4.  Tuesday.   Down-town in a snow storm,
meeting Alf Waud, in Broadway, near Wall               
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