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Text for Page 031 [09-17-1849]

              17. Monday.   Joe out all night again � and when he
arrived home said he had been �drunk as a pig�, and had
found himself lying in the park, on coming to himself!   /
   To New York.   Calling at Robert�s, and he being out, while talking
to his apprentice, in came an old gentleman,(apparently connected with
the Tract Society there,) and a lady.   The latter had come for intelligence
as to the Illustrating of a forthcoming book on Calisthenics � lady-written.
Being appealed to, in default of Mr. Roberts, I, after some talk, accom-
panied the lady to Harland�s, the Engraver, where it was agreed that
I should make out a drawing for the prospectus, to be sent to the
authoress at Hartford.	    Afternoon and Evening drawing.
  18. Tuesday.  Went to New York, Fourth Street. A Mr. Gosling
who had called on me yesterday afternoon about a big circular announ-
cing the sale of Hacking. Told him Baker�s charge for engraving and
mine for drawing.	Then to Fifth Street, Mrs. Washborn � the 
lady of yesterday.   	A pleasant, mild face she has, and gray hair.
Showed my drawings, and saw a finely painted portrait on ivory, done
by her. 	Afternoon & evening, drawing.
  19. Wednesday.   Went to 204 Broadway, as according to appointment
to meet Mr. Hart. Room full of booksellers, Mr. Hart selling his
own books by the 5, 10, or the 100. And at such prices! (Scott�s
complete works, with Lockharts life &c 75 cents!)	    Remained till noon
then to Jersey. There again and after an hours waiting, Mr. Hart�s 
labours terminated, and I had an interview with him. Left �Cholera               
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