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Text for Page 141 [12-04-1860]

	     A Police Station.
street, when as he stopped and gave me a civil-
ler greeting than of late, I asked him the cause
of his recent behavior.     He said somebody had
informed him that I hadn�t acted like a friend
towards him, on his (Waud�s) promise that he
would never mention the name of the informant.   I
told him I was utterly ignorant of occasion
for the story, whatever it might be, and so we
parted.       To the Associated Press office in Broad
street, where, presently, Boweryem came.    Got a
ward assigned to me to get in to-night�s city
election returns.    Called at Haney�s office, anon
with Boweryem up town in omnibus.    Dozed in
the afternoon; by 5 � turned out into the snow
and went down-town by the 2nd avenue cars,
to the 4th ward police station, the one Haney, 
Shepherd, Boweryem and I visited nocturnally,
some three or four months ago.    Outside, it was
a cold, raw, dreary night, especially so in
that foul quarter of the town; the snow flakes
falling continuously, yet half melting under foot.
Inside I sat behind the railed-off desk, beside
the serjeants on duty, listening to the perpetual 
tick of the telegraph until, at about 9, somebody
frustrated its operations by cutting the wire,
and awaiting the returns, which were brought in,
fragmentarily, by the caped and snowy police-               
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