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Text for Page 142 [12-04-1860]

	Night Scenes in the
from the different districts, and from which
I had to fill up my printed forms, present-
ly rushing out, to waylay the down-coming 2nd
avenue cars, to leap aboard and to give
such documents to the conductor, who would hand
them to a man stationed for the purpose of
receiving them at the Peck Slip terminus.   Elec-
tion night in a down-town ward is prolific
of incidents, and though the contest proved an
unusually quiet one (resulting as usual, in
New York, in the success of scoundrels) the 4th
had its share of police-cases.          First a drunken
sailor, dragged along like a log, was brought
in and taken to a cell; then �Catherine Nolan,
drunk and disorderly,� a coarse-looking Irish-
woman, with a black fell of dishevelled hair,
who, stretching her arms over the rail and
twining her fingers together, wept and pleaded
�Le� me go home!� in a passion of apprehen-
sion from which a tragic actress might
have taken a lesson.       When borne of, according
to the inflexible decision of the serjeant, she
screamed that she �was afraid the rats would
ate her,� and went out struggling.         I had
visited the cells before her appearance.     There
were some sleeping men in them, and behind
one grated door, a ghastly melancholy woman               
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