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Text for Page 143 [12-04-1860]

	Fourth Ward Station-House.
who swathed in some sort of loose gown, looked
like a newly-risen corpse, insomuch that I
started and thought of Lazarus in scripture.
She was starring drearily into the little stone
passage, lit with gas, between the cells.    Re-
turning to the office, a man with a blood-
stained face and a hideous cut on the head,
the effect, as he averred, of a sling-shot, came
in and preferred a complaint against his as-
saulter, who was well-known by name in the
ward and station, as the keeper of a brothel
and drinking-den.     The inspector dispatched
a policeman, �to go and get him.�       Presently
he arrived, with a friend, asserted his innocence,
and declared that he had merely remonstrated or
interfered, to prevent the man�s beating another.
As the accuser had gone off to get his wounds
dressed, the accused was allowed to depart, on
his promise to appear at any time required.     The
next case was that of a common-faced and 
sullen-looking English shoe-maker or as he
denominated it, �a cordivainer,� charged with in-
dulging himself in the national proclivity towards
beating his scared-looking wife, who with a
contusion upon her forehead, asserted that he
trained dogs in the house and when the had
liquor in him, her life wasn�t safe.   The fellow               
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