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Text for Page 144 [12-04-1860]

	Night �Charges� in the
was ominously, sullenly threatening towards
her, saying suggestively: �You just give me in
charge, that�s all!�             But the woman had
been beaten into resistance, and persisted; so the
cordivainer was locked up.         I judge from
police-records that shoemakers are addicted
to wife-beating, over the proportion of such
offenders from other crafts.     Perhaps, as
Mrs. Nickleby suggested, its �something in the
leather.�    Or rather, sedentary men are commonly un-
healthy men, prone to morbid excitements.
Anon a German shop-keeper charged a stark,
brawny-looking young villain, in a loose blue
shirt, with a bare neck and breast, with ha-
ving burst into his store on some small provo-
cation, intent on damage and robbery, a posse
of others abetting.     I forget how this case was
disposed of.            Then Catherine Nolan�s hus-
band came to inquire after her, in company
with a very old woman, both Irish, of
course.      He couldn�t attain sight or release 
of his wife.          Then a very, very drunken,
well-dressed Dutchman appeared, who could
not utter a coherent syllable; his pockets were
searched and he conveyed to a cell.      Then
a screaming, a foul-mouthed and belligerent
baggage, hotly-accusing and accused by an               
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