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Text for Page 146 [12-04-1860]

                A young Jack in Office.
snores.       In a sort of ante-room a dozen
of them sat round a stove.   The last corner,
rather a decently-clad man, told me he
was from the north, a teacher of �tactics.�
To him the sharp boy manifested some civility, tel-
ling him he could come there for a night or
two and advising him to dry his shoes, with
a caution against getting them stolen, adding
when the vagrant who had first sug-
gested that the teacher of �tactics� should take
them off put in a disclaimer of dishonest in-
tentions; �There�s too many of you!�    Most
of the miserable wretcheds abashed themselves
before this lad, some praised him.           Back
to the office, waiting and filling up, a
good deal bothered by in-coming inquirers to
get particulars about returns.       Thus the
time passed till midnight and after.    The
  5.  Wednesday}       first district was the last
to come in and, owing to the omission of
one portion of the election in another, the
sharp boy had to be dispatched to Amity
street to rouse a policeman, who came in
half an hour after his departure.          I fell
to drawing, much to the admiration of the
policemen and by 2:25 A. M. had
gratified three persons � the last the sharp               
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