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Text for Page 147 [12-05-1860]

             Hither and thither.     At 745.
boy with fancy sketches, when, fearing to
risk longer waiting and getting a policeman
to promise to bring the missing item, if obtain-
able, I set off to the Associated Press office.
Down-town looked strange and solemn and snowy,
scarcely a soul abroad in the deserted streets.
Up to the office, then up Broadway and after 
some waiting, to Bleecker Street in a 6th ave-
nue car.         Abed by 4, slept till 11.      Out
to see Mc. Elrath at the Cooper Institute.
He has seen Gibbons � nothing definite, as yet.
Return to dinner, then down-town, to �Vanity
Fair� Office, saw Leland, to Haney�s, then
returned.         Haney came to supper, stayed
till 9, then we both went to 745.          The girls
and Anne present, the latter just returned
from her brother George�s residence, with the
intelligence that Mrs. G. has another child.     Pa-
terfamilias came anon, and Jack and Mrs.
Edwards.           Talk about Christmas presents
and the like.            Left at the usual hour,
walking home with Haney.        He anticipates
that the �bad time coming� may result disast-
rously for him, even to the stripping hum of all
the money he has earned.   Stock that he invested
in is 20 per cent lower than he paid for it.
  6.  Thursday.     Stopped in doors, like an               
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