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Text for Page 149 [12-07-1860]

             Parton.     The Stedman Family.
perience.     By 7 down-town with it to the �World�
office, saw Cobb, who was very kind, and
Sweetsir.   Returned up-town, by car, to 16th
street and found all the fellows, Haney, Welles,
(which, it appears, is the right way to spell his 
name) rehearsing in Hayes� room � he present
also.   We had a rather lively time of it till
11, or later, when Jack and I returned
homewards together.
  8.  Saturday.   Snowing heavily.     In-doors,
making copy of story, thinking of sending it
to �Atlantic Monthly.�  Turned out at 3 � and
in Broadway met Jim Parton, looking thin
and straight.     Walking a block or so with him
we stood talking at the door of 745; when
�the woman that owns him� and Grace passed,
observing us.      Jim said he had thought of
writing a life of Franklin.           To my doctor�s,
then to Peter Cooper Institute; Mc.Elrath
hadn�t appeared there to-day.   Got hair cut, then
returned.          In the evening to 14th street,
visiting Stedman.    He wasn�t at home for half
an hour, during which I conversed with his
pleasant wife, their child lying sleeping on the
bed.     Stedman came uptown anon and I
stayed till past 11.     I think he is a trifle auto-               
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