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Text for Page 150 [12-08-1860]

             Bellew�s Doings in London.
cratic in his connubial relations; he spoke
of his being �very strict� anent his wife�s pro-
ceedings in the sanatory way, during her tempo-
rary absence, in a tone I didn�t sympathize
with.       It suggested the old superstition of
the woman the inferior animal.      I must sketch
Stedman at length one of these days.
  9.  Sunday.   By 12 � to 16th street,
meeting �Gladdy� or rather Adolphus Gouver-
neur as he now calls himself by the way.
Found Haney in the Hayes� room, that
family present.   The former got a letter
from Bellew, which I read.           Thanks for
�8 odd received (from subscriptions to raffle
for Bellew�s pictures), intimations that he
has been very hard-up and would have been
hard-upper but for English facilities of cre-
dit, that he has, after long delay, got an
order for a Punch picture which he has just
completed, also one from a publisher to get
up a children�s book and a Christmas
story by Blanchard Jerrold to illustrate.  So
that he�s doing well or thereanent.    Cahill
he has seen and sees for he is sitting opposite
to him at the time of writing!    Cahill �has
been very hard-up, poor chap!� and Bellew
hopes to get something for him to do on some               
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