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Text for Page 151 [12-09-1860]

     Cahill.     Myron H. Cobb.     At 745.
newspaper.     Bob Gun, too, Bellew has en-
countered, the kindly Scotsman is now in his
native land, intending to return to London, there
to establish �an American agency.�    Thus Bel-
lew.     Its funnily appropriate that Cahill
should have fallen to Bellew�s charge again.
  Returned to dinner, wrote awhile, then to
visit Cobb, at 50 Merton Street.    He is a very
kind gentlemanly fellow, a Connecticut man,
with a young wife and a four-months old baby.
Stayed, talking of the �World,� of journalism,
books and much more till 8, when I went off
to Chapin�s.    Met George Edwards after service.
To 745, Haney and the family there, except
Eliza who had gone to bed.     George, who had
quitted me on the way to fetch home his sister
Anne, came in with her anon.          Talking with
Sally, who looked alert and handsome, who
had been re-reading the �Mill on the Floss,�
and wanted to know why Maggie shouldn�t
have been married to Stephen � the other girl
would have got married to somebody else?  Haney
was reading aloud from Charles Lamb during
the earlier part of the evening. Sally and I tal-
ked through it.               Walked to 16th street
with Haney subsequently.    He has $600 lent out
to people, most of which except $100, lent to Bel-               
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