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Text for Page 152 [12-09-1860]

               Bellew�s English Projects.
lew on his departure for England, he thinks
of dubious repayment.                 There�s a
project that I shall go on a roving com-
mission down south to report secession for the
�World�; I hope it may be compassed.
  10.  Monday.   A dreary day atmospherical-
ly, ceaseless drizzle and sleet and slush preva-
lent.      Writing during the morning, in the after-
noon down town through the drizzle to Harper�s,
seeing Nordhoff on the moment of departure.  Looking
in at the engraver�s room, I learnt that Damo-
reau is in Boston, intending to effect the trans-
portation of his wife and family to New York.
Called in at Haney�s office, then uptown wards.
Writing, copying and rhyming during the evening
till latish.                I didn�t record, of Bellew�s
letter, that he states that Addey�s reputation is
of the shakiest, that engravers, artists and print-
ers all denounce him.        Or that he, Bellew, has
stirred up Blanchard Jerrold and the Volunteer
Corps to invite the N.Y. 7th Regiment to London,
which item Haney took to the Herald, it appearing
in yesterday�s paper.     Or that Seymour called upon 
Bellew, in London.      I wonder whether he knew of
Cahill�s defalcation?          It would have been curious
if the cousins had met at Bellew�s house.     Ca-
hill used to assert that his repudiation by his               
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