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Text for Page 153 [12-10-1860]

            To Newark and the Crocketts.
cousin originated in his (Cahill�s) having pre-
sented himself, when intoxicated, at the
residence of some friends of Seymour�s.   It may
have had a more serious beginning.
  11.  Tuesday.   Writing &c.  In the morning Bow-
man called.       To the Cooper Institute by 4,
then down-town to Haney�s office, manufacturing
doggrel prologue to our play by the way, writing
it out in the office.        Welles came.  With him and
Haney to Newark, by rail, to the house of the
married Crockett.     Supped there, with the two
brothers, the wife of one and Nicholas (who had
passed me on Broadway � I didn�t see him �
probably on the look-out for Sally) and with
Jack Edwards who came after us.       Another
rehearsal, then ale, whiskey, tobacco and sin-
ging.      Returned to New York by the 11.15
train, our hosts seeing us to the cars.         Up
the 4th avenue, in car, Haney and I getting
out and walking part of the way.       Nicholas�
father was an Englishman; he himself is a
widower (!) as Jack confided to me in the car,
having learnt it from his father, who got it from
Crockett.    Nicholas has talked of it in a myste-
rious manner to Sally, as though he distrusted
that girls would look upon him as men might
regard a widow with encumbrances.  He has a               
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