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Text for Page 154 [12-11-1860]

little daughter, at school.
  12.  Wednesday.   To the Cooper Institute,
unsuccessfully, to Harper�s.       Article about
getting the election returns accepted, but may
not appear for twelve months.    To the World
office, saw Croly and Stedman, the latter in-
formed me they had resolved to do without a
correspondent down South.   To the Post office;
Bigelow not in.       Returning met W. Leslie,
as I had previously met little Davis the
gilder.  Leslie showed me a letter from an
Alabama man, pleading secession as a put-off
for paying-up.    To the Cooper Institute again,
saw Mc Elrath, he has concluded that he don�t 
possess money enough to re-take the Century.
Return; writing � at another story.        At the sup-
per table was forced into a brawl with the gene-
rally offensive Lavan which terminated in a scrim-
mage between him and Jewett.         When I turned
out in the evening I expected a fight and was
prepared to try a pugilistic �One� and �Two�
in the drunken ass�s countenance.  To 745, the
unmarried Crockett, Nicholas and Haney there,
also the girls and Jack.       A game of whist in pro-
gress, engaging the two younger girls and the visit-
ors from Newark, Haney aloof and rather blue
and bilious (which he attributed to indiscreet indul-               
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