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Text for Page 155 [12-11-1860]

           Sally talks and asks about Nicholas.
gence in chocolate in a visit paid on Monday
night by himself, Mr. & Mrs. E., Mat and Eliza
to Knudsen�s lodging;) Sally aloof also, in a big
arm-chair.              Sitting together, on the sofa, she
began about the discovery of Nicholas� widower-hood,
being evidently full of it.         She was curious to know 
how I knew it, and her questioning set me on
fudging up a story of an imaginary confidence
on his part, as we walked �under the solemn stars,�
last night, to the Newark dep�t � which she didn�t
credit seriously, but which additionally stimulated
her inquisitiveness.   We had a lively chaffing time
of it for awhile, when I seceded to Matty�s
side (the whist terminating) and Sally talked to
Nicholas.     Anon Eliza sang and presently got
to dancing, in which all joined, I think, ex-
cept Haney.   I danced with Mat and Eliza,
Sally principally with Nicholas.    She was ani-
mated, lively, full of questions.        Mr. and Mrs.
E. and Anne came in, towards the close of the
evening, and Crockett and Nicholas didn�t leave
till 11 �.          �But there�s nothing in him!�
said Sally, in a parting spar we had.        Before,
she pronounced the widower business �a deception,�
saying he oughtn�t to have passed himself off
for a single man.      I rather like the fellow,
and spake well of him.                Sally corres-               
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