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Text for Page 156 [12-12-1860]

          Sally�s Correspondence with Nast.
ponded secretly with Tommy Nast, since
his absence in Europe; he petitioned for it,
said he couldn�t go away without it.     She
has written him four letters, he more to her.
I think the correspondence has ended now,
whether by his or her cessation, I�m not sure,
I imagine the former, as before telling me, she
made me promise that I shouldn�t pity or
sympathize with her.    How she contrived the
correspondence is a secret.    Eliza knows of it,
is Sally�s confidante.          This is the �little confi-
dence� heretofore alluded to.             Walked home
with Haney, as usual.
  13.  Thursday.   Called unsuccessfully at Cobb�s,
then down-town to the Evening Post Office,
(where old Briggs happened to be) � saw Bigelow,
proposed a southern tour to him, received fa-
vorably, talked over � call to-morrow.   Looked
in at Haney�s, then up-town.     Did drawing on
wood, writing and chores.      A wintry, windy
night, all alone till near 10, then going down-
stairs to the parlor, fetched up the two Woodward
girls, Richardson and Phillips, entertaining the
men with Bourbon whiskey and the party gene-
rally with pictures & sketches.     Boweryem came
in, sang a song.           Broke up at midnight.
  14.  Friday.   To the Post Office, early.   Engage-               
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