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Text for Page 157 [12-14-1860]

               Banks loses his Situation.
ment ratified or next to it; $15 per week,
expenses paid.   I assented to the first proposi-
tion or might have had more.       To start on
Monday.   (I shall miss the merry Christmas
at 745, then.)   To Haney�s, saw him; to Mr
Edwards business place in William Street � he�s
�agent� for the Crocketts� &c � but didn�t find
him.         To Harpers�, got $7.50 for �4th Ward�
article.         Met Banks there who told me that he
had left or been discharged from his situation.
(I half-shuddered for him on hearing it � knowing
what must follow.)       Up-town to McElrath,
finding him in conference with Gibbons, and as
it subsequently proved, somewhat inclined to re-con-
sider his determination about the Century.     He wrote
me a note of endorsement to Bigelow.    Returned
home; a bitterly cold, sunny day.         Writing, chores
&c.     To 745 in the evening, finding the girls,
Anne, Mrs and Miss Crockett seated at the
round table and Mr Edwards with them.     I
had a request to ask of him and had then intend-
ed to join the rehearsal at 16th street, but hearing
that the actors would soon return and the girls
inviting me to stop, I did so willingly enough.  An
hours pleasant chat, when �all the company came,�
with them young Tousey, in feminine attire, in which
he had hoaxed one of the Crocketts completely, having               
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