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Text for Page 158 [12-14-1860]

	        Sally�s Coquetry
been esquired from 745 to 16th street by the
gallant Newarkian, ^|who| never mistrusted the sex of
his companion, until his arrival at the latter
place when he was furiously laughed at.     Jim
Parton was �sold� in a similar manner on the
previous evening, to the girls� amusement.    Tousey
wore his mother�s dress and might have deceived most
people, being a beardless, smooth-haired young lad.
Talk awhile, then to dancing, Nicholas devoting
himself in the usual direction.     Thinking of
my coming departure from the loved basement room
and the dear faces, I was blue awhile, but got
all right anon, talking with one and the other,
now Matty, anon Anne, sometimes Sally, finally
with their mother.     The Crocketts �cut up� heartily;
the married one has lived in England, the other
is rudely good-humored.   He commented unfavora-
bly on Sally�s dancing to Anne, his partner, who
said something milder to the same effect, which Nic-
holas resented: Anne told me of it, asserting that
his behavior toward Sally was �becoming serious�
and that he would be �very angry� when he got his
rejection.   How did she know that he would be rejec-
ted?      Why didn�t Sally tell everything he said to her
and make fun of him! &c &c               One delightfully
absurd little incident occurring this evening only
Haney noticed.    He was about to cross the room to               
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