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Text for Page 159 [12-14-1860]

	       With Nicholas.
ask Sally to be his partner, when involuntarily
glancing at Nicholas, he obtained an obliging nod,
as if to say, magnanimously, �Go ahead! I will
spare her to you this once!�          Anne�s right
enough, Sally�s last wooer will be very savage
when the business comes to an end.    He is good-
looking, well-mannered, I think, good-natured,
but that is all; she likes the first three qualifi-
cations but wants more.    Then, too, the suddenness
of his passion makes her distrust it.     She is dis-
satisfied with him � he won�t do, in fact.     At least
that�s my present judgment, though I know it is
perfectly possible for a girl to ridicule a man, to
talk lightly of him up to the moment of acceptance
and after.      But Sally will hardly do this, she
may shipwreck her happiness from some morbid
idea of self-sacrifice, hardly otherwise.     She gets
to questioning and telling me things immediately
� generally suspecting that I know more than I do,
saying neat little things and sometimes surprising
one by frank girlish confidences.       To-night she
was at me about yesterday�s hoax.     What had
passed between myself and Nicholas?, she knew there
was something, for he praised me directly he came
in, said I had that there (touching his forehead)
which he wanted, &c &c.    �I told him he was
mistaken!� said Sally audaciously.       This occurred               
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