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Text for Page 160 [12-14-1860]

	Going to South Carolina.
as we stood talking together in a little group,
when the Newarkians had departed.     Jim Par-
ton stayed till 11 last night, hence Mrs Edwards
opines he had had a row with Fanny!
  15.  Saturday.   Boot-buying, to W. Leslie�s,
(he not down-town) Larason�s and to William
Street, where by � to 12 a fellow-Englishman
joined myself and Mr Edwards.       Out together
to the office of the British consul, near the Bowling
Green, where after some delay, we obtained access
to Mr Archibald, who upon my introduction by
Mr Edwards� friend gave me a quasi-passport
to the South, �to serve and avail as occasion
may require.�    He had granted several to Eng-
lish subjects, he said, recently.    He made no
inquiry as to my business down South.    Paying
$1.25 for the document in the outer office, we
left, had a glass of ale together and parted, I
to the Post office.  There with Bigelow till 3 o�clock,
a stirring time, he editorializing, reading proof,
getting in telegraphic dispatches, receiving an visitors
and talking with me between the acts about my
expedition.     There came in a letter from an
officer�s wife, (Mrs. Doubleday) now at Fort Moultrie, Charleston,
descriptive of the preparations for attacking it by
the towns-people and anticipatory of the massacre
of the brave little garrison.        I dictated, while               
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