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Text for Page 119 [06-12-1851]

              of going to England �there to do better�, (leaving of course debts unpaid;) and
hath re-opened correspondence with Mason�s sister, whose letters he was wont to
read aloud to us, with such edifying comment?
  13. Friday.  Drawing the sketch for head of �Leader.�   When complete, to Picton
with it.   Then to Strongs, Butler�s, Post Office, Anderson�s & Holmes�.   Anderson
just returned from Washington, Philadelphia.  Walters has the Capitol to erect; yet
is he hopeful as ever.     Then to Genins, then back to Robinson.     Drawing on
wood the sketch for Picton.  Evening two several journeys to Mr Harts, with my
traps, one to Canal Street &c, then about 11, all things disposed of, save car-
pet-bag for the morrow to bed.
  14. Saturday.  Up by 6, to the pier, learnt the time of departure, back
to Robinson; paid, collared carpet bag &c off. Coffee & cakes;  then aboard,
after wanting half an hour, off upe the glorious Hudson.     Of the delights of that
renowned river let dear Irving speak; how green and verdurous its banks,
how bright its water, and how tall its rocks; � what should I say of�t after
him?    Arrived at Yonkers� ere 9, to the �Exchange� Hotel, white, timber
built, with balconies running round.       There, settled about board; got a little
basket of provant for dinner, and little of sarsaparilla; and taking drawing
materials off to the Castle, much browning by Phoebus by the way, inasmuch
as my straw hat had been borne off by the Hudson Zephyrus, sans permission,
but luckily I had a cap.             Arrrived, to the house,  saw old woman there,
returned to the Castle, found the man Abraham, and was admitted into
the building.        Abraham was red-shirted, California-hatted, whiskered; �
a true son of Yankee soil, born on the Hudson-brink, & had been four years
in Forrests service.  �He�s a good fellow!� said he .   [words crossed out]
[words crossed out].  				Then, left alone in the build
ing, I first ramble all over it, from summit to basement.   On top of
the highest tower, gazing out on the country round; the miles & miles               
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