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Text for Page 162 [12-15-1860]

Bigelow copied this.     Finally it was settled
that I am to go, by steamer, on Wednesday, to
Charleston, with $100 in pocket.  Maybe I�ll
be dating from �the seat of war� this day next
week!         To Haney�s, to the �World� Office,
saw Cobb and Stedman; told the former 
not the latter, who informed me, incidentally, that
Frank Wood had received orders rescinding his
recall.      I�m sorry for it, as I�d rather not
meet him while on this mission.   Up-town by
5.      Haney came to supper and stayed till 10 �.
  16.  Sunday.   Damoreau up, with his children,
two sturdy, rude boys of 5 and 7, one, the
eldest goodlooking.  He told me he wished he
had an American father, that he was a Yankee
and didn�t like Englishmen.    I recognized the
mother�s teaching in this, though Charley didn�t.
Frank Hillard up, stayed awhile, read a
poem of his.      Dinner, chores, loading re-
volver &c, then to Cobb�s, stayed till 7 �,
then an unsuccessfall call at Dixons, then to
745.      The girls there, Anne and Haney
who had spent the earlier part of the day at
Parton�s.   (Fanny has replaced Haney�s portrait
on the wall, hence it is augured that she will
insist on being friendly and � coming on Christ-
mas to 745.)             Mr and Mrs E. came in anon,               
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