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Text for Page 163 [12-15-1860]

              Introductions from Joe Scoville.
with George, having been visiting his wife and
baby.        Before, Anne, Eliza, an Haney and
I had sat at the fireside, Matty reading in
an adjacent arm-chair, and Sally (on her coming
down-stairs from putting her little nephew to
bed) at the table near us.           After, we moved
and ate hickory nuts, talking a good deal a-
about my expedition, with some chaff and more
kindness.         What sort of evening will my next
Sunday one be?
  17.  Monday.  Writing to Charles, doing chores,
out to Post-office &c during the morning.    After
dinner, down-town, meeting Joe Scoville by the
way.    He looked stout and well, is grayish-
haired and not much like him of the �Pick� days.
To Nick-nax office, got $3 for drawing; to
get paper and pencils, then to Haney�s, then to
W. Leslie�s.      With him up-town to Houston
Street, where we parted, I to Scoville�s resi-
dence, near the North river.    Told him of
my intended journey, not its object, stating that
I�d got a roving sketching commission, through
Bellew, from an illustrated London paper; got
two letters of endorsement to the editors of a Char-
leston and Mobile paper!        Supped with the
family and a Mr Decaun, just returned from
Charleston.   Scoville�s wife (whom I was intro-               
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