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Text for Page 164 [12-15-1860]


[passport for Gunn from the British Consulate in New York]
Her Brittanic Majesty�s Consulate, New-York.
[printed seal]
I, Edward Mortimer Archibald, Esq. Her Majesty�s Consul,
Do hereby Certify, That the bearer of this
Thomas Butler Gunn whose
true signature is written on the 
Margin hereof, is a native of
England and Subject of Her Bri-
tannic Majesty; and being about
to travel in the Southern States
I have granted him this Certificate
to secure and avail as occasion
may require ���
In Testimony Whereof, I do hereunto set my hand and seal of Office
at the City of New-York, this fifteenth
day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and sixty ��
[stamped seal]
[signed] Ew Archibald
	H B M Consul

[on margin]
[signed] Thomas Butler Gunn.               
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