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Text for Page 166 [12-17-1860]

               Sally�s audacious Question.
duced to some years back at Florence�s hotel)
is a native of Charleston, a tall, handsome
young woman, with black hair, fine features,
a fine color.     She was all agog with sympathy
with her native state and desire to be there now.
We had a good deal of lively talk about it
and incidental matters.           Meyers (of the
�World�) was on the �Pick� in Scoville�s day, and
Scoville spoke of him.          Out together, parting
in Hudson Street, I to Bleecker, then to 745.
Anne, Sally, Matty, Haney and Tousey there,
Eliza at �Jo� Brown�s.      Talk as usual.  
Having an abominable cold in the head felt dull
and stupid and no doubt appeared so.         In
a little two minutes chat whispered chat with
Sally, quoth she, in allusion to my expedition:
�Won�t you Take Me with you?� repeating a remark
she had made on a former night.      It was one of
the girl�s bits of characteristic audacity.   When my
journey was first talked of, she envied it.     Mr
& Mrs E. came in and Haney going out to fetch
Eliza home, Mrs E. took the opportunity to speak
of Nast � she never mentions little Tommy in
Haney�s presence, I notice.  They got a letter
from him to-day: he is dissatisfied, talks long-
ingly of New York, yet wants to get an engage-
ment from the Ill. London News, as also to               
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