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Text for Page 167 [12-17-1860]

                I Take Passage for Charleston.
see the anticipated Italian campaign in early
spring.  �Tommy� will hardly return before sum-
mer.     Apropos Matty asked me if I had ever
heard or told her that Tommy was of German
Jewish origin? the thing was new to me, but his
features do not contradict 
             it.        All at hickory-nuts & talk.
Tousey left quite early, Haney & I at 11 �.   Pre-
viously to calling I had gone to Dixon�s getting
a letter of endorsement from him to Bigelow.   Felt
ill, all day.
  18.  Tuesday.   Chores.   Down town by 12 1/2
meeting Damoreau in Broadway, who said
his wife was house-hunting in Brooklyn.  We
ha a glass of ale together and parted at the
�Post� office.  Bigelow hadn�t come down, so after
waiting awhile outside in the cool sunny street,
I went to Haney�s office returning in half an hour
to find my man.      Talk final and interruptive.
Thrice to bank, at last got $100 and took pas-
sage for Charleston; thence to Haney�s again,
anon a lunch (at 4) at Crook and Duff�s &
then to Leslie�s.   Thence up-town.   Evening
to 745.       The actors all at Haney�s, only the
dear girls present in the familiar basement, Mat
sewing, Sally at the piano, which she quitted on
my entrance, Eliza reading �Pickwick� by the fire.               
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