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Text for Page 168 [12-18-1860]

            Good-bye to the dear Girls.
They were all very kind, their manner
implying a sense of my coming departure.   I
felt strangely doubtful as to the circumstances
under which I should next see that room again
and loved them dearly.      But I talked a good
deal and merrily, insomuch that I think
Sally was deceived into thinking that I felt very
little and regarded my journey in the light of
a holiday.    Presently John came in and Mr
and Mrs Edwards and anon Anne with Mr
King were spoken of as desiring my presence
in the work-room up-stairs.      I went according-
ly, Sally bearing me company.    Mr King had
written a letter or two of introduction for me,
and re-wrote one, half-flirting with Sally, while
we waited.      Down-stairs again, Jack pours
out the ale as usual and soon it is near 11
o�clock.    Then I shake hands all round
and say good bye � for how long, I wonder?
and am all alone in the dreary wintry street
with strange expectations before me.   And the
girls climb upstairs to their warm beds where
God breathe peace and rest upon them and
bless them!
  Here I broke off on the night of my
departure, to resume my record on my return,               
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