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Text for Page 169 [12-18-1860]

eight weeks subsequent, re-writing it from
an imperfect and hastily-scrawled fragmentary diary, kept
on my journey to and from and my residence
in Charleston, South Carolina.      That diary
I began under the conviction that it might be
read, avoiding everything that might witness
against me, therefore it is incomplete and vir-
tually false in sentiment, especially in the earlier
part; in the latter it sins by omission.          I now
propose to render it truthfully, at such leisure
as I can command.

  My Expedition to Charleston, South
Carolina and What I Saw of the Rebel-
lion in Progress there.

  19.  Wednesday.  Packing, writing letters,
doing incidentals to departure, up to 1 P. M.
A dull, overcast day, threatening snow, driz-
zling a little as I entered omnibus and rode
down town, leaving baggage at the steam boat
office and then returning to Haney�s, when I
found that he and Boweryem had proceeded to
the wharf, where I presently discovered
them, by which time the day had developed into
as dreary and disagreable one as ever travel-               
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