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Text for Page 171 [12-19-1860]

          South Carolinians.     The Voyage.
Had a sufficiently good supper aboard, loafing
afterwards.   As if the Southerners felt them-
selves privileged by the fact of their being on the
way homewards they began to expand themselves on
the inevitable topic, a Dr McNutty especially dis-
tinguishing himself.   He was a Carolinian, I
suppose, from his name, of Irish descent, rather
a good looking man of thirty and upwards, but
with an unpleasant, not to say evil expression of
countenance, whiskered, white-teethed, hazel
eyed, sinister of aspect.       A dentist by profession,
he knew Howard the artist and spake of his
fastness and dissipation; he was going to George-
town, his native place, for the benefit of his health.
His talk might all be summed up in one sentence
used: �We have paid for our niggers and we are
going to keep �em, by ___!�
  20.  Thursday.   The fog lifted by 7 �,
when, with a strong wind blowing against us and
forbidding the hoisting of a sail, we started, the
majority of the passengers soon being prostrated
with sea-sickness.          On the upper-deck, hither
and thither, holding on, loafing, talking, smoking
and watching the white wave-tops, anon lying
in berth awhile before dinner (which a momen-
tary sickness � the first touch of sea-malady
I ever experienced, caused me to leave.)     Read-               
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