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Text for Page 173 [12-20-1860]

            The Captain, the Sea and the Sky.
ing and lazying awhile subsequently, then on
deck to improve acquaintance with fellow passengers.
The Captain, Sam Whiting, had been to the
Arctic seas in search of Dr Kane, and had
written and lectured on it.   He took us into his
cabin, by the wheel house and showed us poetry
of his composing, of average common-place merit,
among other productions a pro-secession, anti-
northern song, advocating dis-union and charg-
ing the responsibility of it upon the republican
party.    He was indeed a self-satisfied, appro-
bative old squirt, as events subsequently demon-
strated.          Throughout the day the weather
continued rough, the wind blowing fiercely,
making stormy music against the ship and
rigging, but ending in a fine sunset, with
great bars of red light in the western horizon
and black or slaty-green water, tipped with
foam below.   Anon the stars shone out, bright
and beautiful, especially those constituting the
belt of Orion, and, near the ocean line, Alde-
boran, the which was pointed out to me by
an old sea-captain passenger who had looked
often on the Southern cross and
�With many tempests had his beard been shake.�
I sat on the forward deck, near the big chim-
ney, enjoying the spectacle, and thinking of Homer�s               
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