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Text for Page 174 [12-20-1860]

                Coasting North Carolina.
martime descriptions and of other matters
till past 9 and then sought my berth, sleep-
ing in a desultory manner till day-break.
  21.  Friday.   A lovely day, sunshine and
a fair wind.    On the upper deck, reading
the Tenant of Wildfell Hall, loafing and smo-
king.     We are half-way to Charleston, the whole
distance being 525 miles.     Diarizing in cabin
subsequently.    Talking with the purser, a good
fellow who knowing my nationality, yet intro-
duced as a topic of conversation, the general
discourtesy of the travelling English.  Reading,
dozing, anon on deck to witness the sunset.
In the evening improving acquaintance with the
sea-captain, a short, sturdy man with an
acquiline nose, a shrewd face and grizzled
beard.        By sunset we were rounding Cape
Hatteras, in view of its revolving light.     All
the shore, fifteen or twenty miles off, is shoaly
and sand; we are coasting North Carolina.
The students aboard expected a great turn-out
of Charleston friends to welcome them, had they
come in the numbers anticipated.       They had
telegraphed an inquiry from New York to the
principal of a Charleston medical college, asking
whether they could complete their broken-off north-
ern studies without additional payment, but got               
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