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Text for Page 176 [12-21-1860]

	      Sights at Sea.
a negative reply.     To my berth by 9 �, read
awhile, then to sleep.
  22.  Saturday.   A beautiful morning;
a wall of delicately-tinted cloud in the north,
rising higher and higher towards the east, par-
tially concealing the glorious sun, whose beams,
radiating below in the broad fan-like shape
often seen in conventional representation, rest-
ed in a sea of molten glory on the ocean-floor;
the water elsewhere of a dead green, only
between the sun and vessel lay a broad path
of bright gold in which the waves danced and
laughed in corrugated glory.   Overhead, above
the rampart of cloud the sky was beautifully,
delicately blue.  As the day grew older, the
sea became rough with dashing spray.  Look-
ing on it and thinking of the �Tempest,� I seem-
ed to understand how such creations as Ariel
grew out of visible nature.            Lying in the
warm and pleasant sunlight, reading, loafing,
chaff and a friendly struggle with the dentist,
about the possession of a chair, in which I dis-
comfitted him.         A doze in the afternoon, anon
on deck again.         Two steamers visible in the
evening, one the �Augusta,� a Savannah boat,
the other the �Columbia,� a Charleston one, the
first responded to our signal by a rocket, the               
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