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Text for Page 178 [12-23-1860]

	The Charleston Hotel.
like a small old-fashioned New York.    The
first news that awaited us on landing was that
we were �out of the United States,� the ordinance
of Secession had passed on the 20th, the day
after our embarkation.            The city was very
quiet as we entered it, this Sunday afternoon,
I riding on coach-top with a fellow-passenger,
an Englishman, Oxfordshire born too, named
Hartley, on his way to Florida, thence to South
America, where he thought of settling for life.  Up
streets which I did not then know to be Broad
and Meeting, to the Charleston Hotel, our destina-
tion and my residence for the ensuing six weeks.
Here my baggage and that of the Oxfordshire-
man got conveyed by mistake to the railroad
dep�t, giving us an uncomfortable half-hour until
its return.          Then I sought a room to which I
had been temporarily consigned, with Speck, Mac
Nutty and Odenheimer, the last a tall, fresh-
complexioned, fair-haired, fair-bearded Philadel-
phian, of naval calling and ultra-Southern pro-
clivities.     They were dressing for dinner, to
which meal I presently descended.   A huge room,
reminding me of that at the Ocean House, Newport,
with dinner in the usual hotel style and deferential
slave-waiters.      Afterwards, a walk with Hartley,
towards the citadel.      Plenty of flags flying, but               
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