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Text for Page 179 [12-23-1860]

	x The day on which South Carolina voted her-
	       self out of the Union.
comparatively few cockades worn, though they were
numerous before the 20thx.         The citadel an
open green space, with a large building on one
side, where cadets are educated by the state;
common within an inclosure beneath its walls,
four or five mounted without.           Returning, at
5 o�clock, the people were coming out of church.
At the hotel, found Speck, Mc Nutty and
others; another walk with Hartley.   At the
Mills House, I inquired for Frank Wood, learn-
ing that he had returned thither from Columbia,
but was then out.    Returned from our ramble,
during which we discovered the jail, to supper.
Then, sitting in the �Gentlemens� room of the
hotel, adjacent to the huge hall which was crowd-
ed with talkers, with men behind me who were
talking of mortars and red-hot shot &c       I
wrote off a brief letter to Bigelow, under the
name of Edgar Bolton (as agreed upon) another
to Boweryem, a third to Haney, informing
them of my arrival in Charleston.    Then, giving
the letters to the hotel clerk for transmission
with others to the Post-Office, I got my assig-
ned place changed to a singll room of which
I was the only occupant, scribbled six pages of
diary and at 11 � o�clock, went to bed.
  24.  Monday.   Out and down-town, from               
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