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Text for Page 185 [12-25-1860]

             A Miserable Christmas Day.
rainy day, myself, in a little, dreary, side
room, up three stories, looking out on Hayne 
street, the window aggravatingly in a corner,
the fire (which went out twice or thrice, under
the carelessness of the negro attendant) in the
other.        Here I set to work to write my first
letter to the Evening Post and here, at about
noon, Frank Wood came up to me.       He
bragged a good deal about the people he knew,
his experience of Charleston and Columbia,
his intimacy with Paul Hayne the poet &c,
how he was �the first man arrested for debt
in the independent republic of South Carolina�
and much more, talking secession glibly
enough.     Of course I said not a word of
my real business to him and he credited
my imaginary one, that of sketching for
the Illustrated London News readily enough.
So after an hour he left and I wrote on,
nervously and sadly enough, thinking of Cha-
combe, of home and of the Edwardses and
what they were then doing, picturing it in detail,
hourly, while the afternoon grew duller and
darker, and I heard an occasional squib 
or cracker explode in the rainy street out-
side, until when darkness came I had a
bit of a relapse into downright hypochondria               
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