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Text for Page 187 [12-27-1860]

	       Major Ripley.
secretly evacuated Fort Moultrie.     This news
awaited me when I got down stairs, and
Ripley, to whom I was introduced, gossipped
with me for half-an-hour about it.        He was
a sturdy, obese, bearded man, an ex U. S.
artillery officer; had served in Mexico and
written a history of that war, published by
the Harper�s.     At present, a soldier of for-
tune, he had come to Charleston in search of
office on the side of the Carolinians.   He
chuckled a good deal about the movement of
�Bob� Anderson, whom he knew perfectly
well, and talked of the Carolina volunteer sol-
diery with much of that short-sighted military
contempt which �regulars� ordinarily profess
for militia.            He had been in England du-
ring the Russian war, as an agent for Sharp�s
rifles, was indeed the �Gaunt Stranger� intro-
duced in an amusing �Punch� drama, entitled
�Under Consideration,� by Tom Taylor, which
I remembered perfectly well.            I talked
awhile with him, then turned out and went
briskly to the newspaper offices, mingling
with the crowds around the bulletins, observing
the hoisting of the Palmetto flag over the Cus-
tom house, encountering Frank Wood, Bunch
and others.       Returning with Wood, he took               
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