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Text for Page 122 [06-16-1851]

              with him.   He  loses life, the poor mob get off with being scared.   I think
it as fair to say that Shakspere justifies Macbeth as Coriolanus.
  17 & 18.  Tuesday & Wednesday.  At the Castle, drawing.  Forrest came, once.
Evening drawing on wood as should not have been.   Found an old two volumed
Peter Wilkins, and re-read it.   Clever, yet save Gulliver & Crusoe,
no such books have reality as manifested by Swift & Defoe.
  19. Thursday.  As before.   Evening drawing & reading, for the first time
Scotts Lord of the Isles.  Not such interest of story or character as is manifest in
other of Scotts poems.  It is more of a topographical poem than ought else.  And I
cannot but think he might have made more of the Bruce; � he�s not Scotch
enough.  He ought not to bear testimony to Edward�s character, or to talk com-
plimentary of England after Bannock born.    There�s more of the true spirit of
the Bruce in Burns �Scot�s wha hae� than in all the Lord of the Isles.   Yet
the poem has beautiful passages.
  20. Friday.  The Castle, as before.    While sitting, during the earlier part 
of the morning, a posse of girls appear on the ploughed field, in defiance of pro-
hibiting notice.  Rambling up to the building they spy me, and come to a 
halt & consultation; and presently one comes to the window & asks if I 
have �any objection� to their going round it.  I tell em I haven�t, and they
do.     Anon they, by the same spokeswoman, (she had a pleasant face) ask
to see the inside: �We�re Captain Chase�s daughters, and live at Yonkers,�
say they.  So I, after a little hesitation, in defiance of the exclusiveness of the
mighty Edwin, let �em in, and with strict caution not to peep out of the 
windows landwards they go over the building; and then, after a little chat depart
well pleased.        After dinner, to the rock fronting the Castle, on the opposite
side of the Railroad, and there making a sketch of the place.  While
doing it, Forrest and some companions, ladies & masculines appeared on the
summit & presently he put up the flag.  /   A bathe in the Hudson, then               
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