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Text for Page 202 [12-31-1860]

         The �Courier� & Telegraph Offices.
deep design, others thought it simple fact.
When Colt, who secretly exulted at Anderson�s
fact, as I did, told this story to Ripley, he
said �They don�t know Bob Anderson.�   The
Major is said to be a water-drinker.             I
defended him openly, and one night we had a
great controversy about it in the Courier Office,
where a lawyer, a Mr Brian or Bryan, him-
self a Carolinian, talked admirably on the sub-
ject.   He was a great friend and admirer of
J. P. Kennedy, the author of �Horseshoe Robinson,�
and the whole gist of his conversation impressed
me highly in his favor.             Another of my
acquaintances was Heiss, superintendant of
the Telegraph, a shortish, round-faced man,
with a moustache worn a la King of Hanover,
I mean curving across his cheeks.    A jocular,
coarse-speaking, hospitable fellow, we often
dropped in of nights at his office to hear the
news, listen to the tick tick of the telegraph,
drink whiskey and talk to him and his as-
sistants, O�Bryan and Beecher, the last a
smooth faced, shrewdish-looking young man,
very friendly and obliging to �the artist of the
Illustrated London News.�          All this time
the weather was disagreable, raw and rainy,
necessitating a fire in doors.   I had got my-               
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