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Text for Page 204 [12-31-1860]

I adopted it, selecting one particular �boy�
and feeing him with quarter-dollars about
thrice a week, when he attended me royally.
�That�s my boss!� I have heard him say to
a fellow-slave in the corridor, as I passed.
These waiters were all slaves, hired by the
landlord of the hotel at $10 per month from
their masters.      They were wondrously assiduous
and dutiful when stimulated by money or 
thanks but could be negligent and provoking
enough without those inducements.  Natural
enough, God Knows!         When a planter or
traveller brings his own �boy� to an hotel, he
does not pay for his board, but the slave�s ser-
vices are considered an equivalent, to be rendered
first to his master, then to guests in general.
One �boy,� a sharp fellow, who could keep
accounts, or possessed some unusual qualifica-
tions, got $6 bonus monthly, from Mixer
the landlord.   They were neatly-dressed, not
at all unintelligent-looking fellows, most of
them wore rings, some of them watches and
chains.           It was appalling to see how comple-
tely they accepted their position as slaves, how
every word and action implied their recognition
of the unchristian belief in their essential in-
feriority.      Approbative in the extremest de-               
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