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Text for Page 205 [12-31-1860]

	Their Characteristics.
gree � if you prefaced a request with, �Will
you oblige me� or I�ll thank you,� your
�boy� absolutely cut a caper of delight before he
rushed off to obey the mandate � they seemed
like so many grown-up children and set me
to speculating whether African character must not
be amiable, to some extent, even in its native bar-
barism.         Often thoughtless, bringing something
without its necessary condiments, they could remem-
ber one�s likings; the second day of my �boy�s�
service he duplicated my yesterday�s breakfast,
without a word of my ordering, insomuch
that I had to tell him to come to me first,
in future, which he obeyed.   How one can
understand how this obesience gratifies the re-
cipient, how he comes to consider it essential, how
in fact the mutual relations between slave and
slave-owner make the problem almost inextrica-
ble!            There was always too much noise at
table, quiet is a luxury as yet appertaining
to a higher civilization that than that of
South Carolina.      Some Irish waiters appeared
in authority over the negroes, quite conscious of
the aristocracy involved in their cuticle.     One
morning one of the �firemen,� a good-looking
mulatto being engaged in making a fire in
my room, found a woman�s hair-pin on               
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