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Text for Page 208 [12-31-1860]

	Apprehensions of Danger.
loaded revolver, even when at dinner � at first
my old Colt�s five shooter, which is rather
heavy, then a very pretty, little, dandy, weapon,
a Bliss�s patent, presented to me by Lindsay,
a six shooter, loaded by neat little cartridges.
This is so light that it proved no incumbrance;
one was hardly conscious of its presence.   I did
not expect that I should be attacked if dis-
covered, knowing that the penalty would probably
be my immediate transportation out of Charles-
ton, by the Vigilance Committee (of which, bye
the by, Carlyle was vice-president) but the cry might
have got abroad of the presence of the correspond-
ent of a detested New York republican paper and
an attempt be made to tar and feather me, when I
had resolved � first of all to deny the charge to
the utmost, to insist on the truth of my assu-
med character and on their being mistaken
� then, when it beame unmistakeable that I
should be maltreated, to produce revolver and
blaze away all round, killing just as many
of my assailants as I could, previous to my
own certain assassination.    I often thought
the subject over and fancied its detail � a
stormy group of excited faces, some hitherto
friendly to me, now doubly exasperated at the
discovery of the deceit I had put upon them,               
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